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Ekoaza can form different layouts thanks to the joining system that is an inherent part of the each kitchen element. This makes it suitable for different spaces, from the small ones to the big, lofty ones.

1. Kuhinjski otok

This layout turns your kitchen into a special place for family gathering while both preparing and consuming meals. It is perfect for the open, lofty-like spaces, conneting the kitchen and the living room.

2. U i L-formacija

For smaller, but still open spaces we recommend this layout. The dining element comes in the first plan as a connection between the kitchen and the rest of the home, while the other element are next to the wall.

3. Linijska formacija

All the elements can be set next to the walls and function as regular kitchen elements in smaller spaces. However, under the windows, please!

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29. listopad 2013.

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8. svibanj 2015.

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23. svibanj 2015.

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Autorice kuhinje Ekoaza

Maja and Dorotea are both doing their masters in Industrial design at School of Design in Zagreb. They have met on the undergraduate course at the same school and it didn't take long for them to realise that they have been sharing similar interests and motivation. They believe that sustainable way of life where taking care of yourself is in the same time taking care of the environment. Ekoaza is their first project together, the result of the numerous coffee breaks and sleapless nights. (Not really sustainable, though... :D)

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